Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment in Jaipur

Root canal treatment in Jaipur

Root canal therapy is the procedure for removing infection from inside a tooth and filling it with a safe and biocompatible material This helps to repair an infected carious tooth and prevents extraction. It can also protect an injured or cracked (Fractured) tooth.

Root canal treatment in Gopalpura are one of the most detested among dental treatments. If tooth decay is not treated it will progress deep inside the tooth until it reaches pulp tissue. The root canal procedure is performed to repair the damaged pulp by filling it. This procedure helps keep the teeth from being damaged and normally require removal.

What causes tooth infection?

The tooth's root canals are composed of nerves and blood vessels that nourish the teeth by supplying the necessary oxygen as well as nutrients. If the decay of the teeth in the outer layers of teeth is not addressed and it gets worse, it reaches the root canals, and the blood vessels and nerves are inflamed and infected. The affected pulp tissue dies and gets replaced by infected tissue and pus. This can cause pain and swelling when left untreated, and could cause harm to bone structures around it and result with tooth abscess. Thus, root canal treatments are performed to eliminate the affected pulp and replace it with an implant.

After the infected pulp has been removed, the food for the tooth is derived from the surrounding tissues of the tooth. Other causes that can cause damage to the teeth and the infection are accidents that cause cracks, leakage of fillings, and infections from gums that reach to the root's base.


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