Your Childs First Dental Visit

Your Childs First Dental Visit
2023-04-06 11:46:02
As a parent, we always think and want the best possibilities for our kids. The same applies to their teeth and dental health. This article aims to clarify the doubts that parents usually harbour regarding a child's visit to a dental clinic in Jaipur.

Q1. What is the best age and time of the day for my child to visit a dental clinic in Jaipur?

Ans - First, visit a child dental specialist (Pediatric dentist) in Jaipur within 6 months of their first tooth eruption and no later than 1 year. The best time to visit is in the morning, after a good night's rest. At Kidz & Braces Dental Clinic, we prefer to meet every child patient with a prior appointment after discussing the most suitable time with the parents/caretakers.

Q2. What should I expect during my child's first dental visit?

Ans - At Kidz and Braces dental clinic in Jaipur, we aim to keep the first visit relaxed and short. We take it as an opportunity to introduce ourselves to the child and conduct the examination in a friendly manner. We look for any points of concern with the child's teeth and give preventive and dietary advice to the parents. We also provide a comprehensive treatment plan if needed & also try to answer all your queries regarding the child's teeth and overall health.

Steps were taken to guarantee a hassle-free visit at Kidz and Braces Dental Clinic in Jaipur.

Step 1: Scheduling the Dental Appointment at Kidz & Braces Multi-Specialty Dental Clinic, Jaipur, at the child's and parents' convenience
Step 2: Preparation of the clinic for the Dental Appointment by the team, based on the patient's age 
Step 3: Conducting the Dental Appointment Fun by a trained dental staff 
Step 4: Recall visits scheduled after judging the child's oral health need

Q3. What do we expect from you during the first visit to our dental clinic in Jaipur? 

Ans - We expect to know about the child's complete medical and dental history (if any), current and past medications taken, and general information like the child's dietary and sleep pattern.

Q4. Can I visit a general dentist instead of a child dentist (pedodontist) in Jaipur?

Ans - Finding the right kids dentist in Jaipur may take a while. But it is important to note that a pediatric dentist has at least three years of specialized training for managing and treating a child's developing teeth, along with their behaviour, physical growth and development, in some cases even special needs, if any. 

At Kidz and Braces dental clinic in Jaipur, we additionally have an ambience suited to please children and kids. Your child will be greeted by a warm and colourful atmosphere, friendly staff, and cheerful play area and last but not least wonderful & caring child dentist!

Q5. When will my child need their first dental X-Ray?

Ans - There is no concrete time for a child's first dental x-ray. Suppose we feel that your child is at risk of dental problems; we may advise x-rays accordingly. Otherwise, most children do not need X-rays until age 5 or 6. 

Q6. Does my child need dental visits at regular intervals?

Ans - At Kidz and Braces dental clinic in Jaipur, we try to schedule dental visits as per the child's needs to monitor their teeth and stop dental problems before they occur.

To know more, contact us at KIDZ AND BRACES MULTI-SPECIALITY DENTAL CLINIC in Jaipur.

We, the team @ KIDZ AND BRACES MULTI-SPECIALITY DENTAL CLINIC in Jaipur, consider ourselves as partners of parents to promote positive oral health experiences. Kidz and Braces provide specialized care in pediatric (child) dentistry and all types of braces in Jaipur. We have a team headed by a Pediatric (child) specialist dentist and orthodontist (teeth braces specialist). We are experienced in general dental and oral hygiene related to care for infants, children, and teenagers and conduct braces treatment with no hidden charges.

Kidz and Braces Dental clinic in Jaipur features a dedicated play area with toys, swings, and a water fountain for cheering kids. Our dental chairs are contemporary working areas with a music system and a Smart High Definition TV on the roof (the first in Rajasthan). This makes it a cheerful and relaxing environment. Our dental clinic uniquely provides "HAPPY AIR" conscious sedation equipment for painless and fearless dental treatment at the most affordable charges. We provide dental treatment to patients across Rajasthan, in Jaipur, and from surrounding places like Pilani, Sawai Madhopur, Dausa, Bharatpur, Ajmer, Jodhpur, etc.

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