What Are the Benifits of Visiting a Kids Friendly Dentist

What Are the Benifits of Visiting a Kids Friendly Dentist
2023-05-05 17:16:21
Kidz and Braces Dental Clinic is kids dental clinic in Jaipur, and we mainly focus on managing and preventing dental issues in child and adolescent patients.

Kid's milk teeth and stage of mixed dentition (wherein some milk and some permanent teeth are present) are different than those of adults with all permanent teeth. 

Our clinic features one of the most expert Pediatric dentists in Jaipur, trained to deal with all child-related issues.

Kidz and Braces dental clinic in Jaipur also features a warm, relaxing ambiance and the latest instruments & equipment meant specially for child's teeth. This included provision for happy gas/conscious sedation for a painless, fearless, and tearless experience.

Dr. Gaurav is a specialized child dentist in Jaipur who knows the correct methodologies involved in dental care for kids' dietary changes affecting a lot of processed food. So it is necessary to visit a Kids Dentist in Jaipur early to avoid severe dental problems in the future.

Specialized Features of Kidz and Braces dental clinic in Jaipur-

Warm & Child-friendly Ambiance- We stress creating a stress-free environment for our child patients. Our clinic features a separate play area for kids with a water fountain and rooftop televisions playing child-friendly content. Our staff is affectionate, polite, and specially trained to deal with child dental patients and ensure the smooth functioning of our expert pediatric dental clinic in Jaipur.

A Pediatric Dental Clinic in Jaipur That Features Happy Gas/conscious Sedation for Kids - Our child dental clinic in Jaipur features a specialized Happy gas machine that delivers a safe yet effective mix of nitrogen and oxygen gases that help the patient to relax and undergo a fearless dental treatment procedure

Specialized and Latest, State-of-the-art Equipment & Instruments for Kids - Our child dental clinic in Jaipur has a wide selection of use specialized and safe instruments for kids. These are usually colorful and of a smaller size to provide maximum comfort to our child's dental patients

Polite, Affectionate Associates & Assistants - Our associate doctors and the entire staff is well trained to run a child dental clinic in Jaipur.

We, the team @ KIDZ AND BRACES Dental Clinic in Jaipur, consider ourselves as partners of parents to promote positive oral health experiences. Kidz and Braces provide specialized care in pediatric (child) dentistry and all types of dental braces in Jaipur. We have a team headed by a Pediatric (child) specialist dentist and orthodontist (teeth braces specialist). We are experienced in general dental and oral hygiene related to care for infants, children, and teenagers and conduct braces treatment with no hidden charges.

Kidz and Braces Dental clinic in Jaipur features a dedicated play area with toys, swings, and a water fountain for cheering kids. Our dental chairs are contemporary working areas with a music system and a Smart High Definition TV on the roof (the first in Rajasthan). 

This makes it a cheerful and relaxing environment. Our dental clinic uniquely provides "HAPPY AIR" conscious sedation equipment for painless and fearless dental treatment at the most affordable charges. We provide dental treatment to patients across Rajasthan, in Jaipur, and from surrounding places like Pilani, Sawai Madhopur, Dausa, Bharatpur, Ajmer, Jodhpur, Bhilwara, etc.

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