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At birth, babies have primary (milk) teeth inside their jaws. The process of eruption(emergence) of teeth in the mouth happens between 6 and 12 months of age and usually completes by the age of 3. Teething refers to the process of teeth eruption and accompanying signs that may include:

·         Saliva drooling

·         Excessive chewing of objects

·         Irritability and crankiness with or without excessive crying

·         Sore and even painful gums

·         Rarely there be a slight increase in temperature — but no fever

·         One of the biggest myths is that teething causes fever and diarrhea, but this is not true. If your child has these signs please contact your pediatrician. The timing of teething generally coincides with a drop in immunity in babies caused by reduced maternal antibodies as the child starts weaning. This can make babies more prone to infections and minor illnesses.



·         Massage your baby's gums with a clean finger or moist gauze or cotton pad.The pressure will reduce discomfort.

·         Cool it- A cold or chilled spoon (not frozen] can soothe gums. But don't dip these items in sugary liquids to avoid future decay.



·         Over-the-counter remedies like tablets and gels as  well as homeopathic teething

·         Teething products that contain benzocaine or lidocaine can be harmful and even fatal

·         Teething devices necklaces, bracelets, or anklets can be choking hazards or may cause mouth injury and infection.


A child should also have regular dental checkups. According to the ADA and AAPD, a child's first pedeatric dental visit should be at or near his or her first birthday.


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