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        Stainless steel caps are resemble the shape of the tooth and can perform the same functions that a tooth can especially in damaged, decayed or fractured teeth. The durability of SS Crown is better other materials commonly used. (SS caps are associated with a success rate of  96%-100% ) and they are safe to be used on milk teeth.They easily come off along with the primary tooth as it sheds.

Indications for the use of stainless steel crowns -


·       Teeth who has multiple surfaces decayed due to caries

·       Teeth with severely damaged structure due to dental caries (decay) 

·       Indicated in all primary (milk) teeth that undergo root canal treatment

·       Fractured milk teeth (post injury or fall)

·    Teeth with repeated fracture of fillings.

·       Teeth with abnormal shape caused by systemic/hereditary diseases (e. g, amelogenesis perfecta, dentinogenesis imperfecta, enamel hypoplasia)

·       Prevention of decay in children at high risk of dental disease

·       In special need children (physically or mentally disabled) who are unable to maintain oral hygiene, SS Caps are highly beneficial to protect the teeth

Procedure for fixing stainless steel crown -


·       Before starting, the Pedodontic will take x-rays of the teeth.

·       The dentist will then judge the need for administration of local anaesthesia.

·       The chewing surface of the tooth is first reduced by about 0.5-1mm following the contours of the crown of the tooth.

·       The dentist will first select a proper crown size its margins are contoured to adapt to the shape of the tooth.

·       The cap should snugly fit onto the tooth.

·       The contoured crown and the prepared tooth are then thoroughly rinsed with water and dried separately.

·       Adhesive cement mixed and coated on the inner side of the crown and fitted on the tooth.

·       As a last step the tooth is finally flossed to remove any excess cementing material


Post Crown Precaution -


·       If the child has been administered anaesthesia, the feeling of numbness may linger. Make sure the child does not bite his/her tongue, cheek or lip.

·       The child may be prescribed a mild pain killer.

·       The child will be advised to avoid sticky food for 3-4 days after insertion.

·       Regular brushing and flossing should be done to promote healing of the gums and keep it healthy.

·       The child can rinse with warm salt water rinse 2-3 times a day can, this will minimize the soreness and discomfort around the gums.

·       The appearance of a white line or loss of shininess indicates inadequate hygiene brushing needs to be improved.

·       There may be slurred for a few days

·       A follow-up  visit with the child dentist is indicated only in case of severe gum irritation or pain that does not subside in a few days



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