Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment
2023-09-22 11:10:56

Root canal treatment is a routine inpatient dental procedure. It is done when a tooth becomes grossly decayed and the pulp (nerves and blood vessels) becomes infected. After the completion root canal procedure, it is very common for the dentist to recommend placing a crown (cap) on the tooth to increase the strength and ensure retention of the tooth in the mouth for a long time.


Root canal treatment eliminates the bacterial infection inside the tooth and is necessary in case your tooth decay has reached the pulp chamber. After a tooth pulp is involved by decay the process is irreversible. It may be associated with severe pain and inability to chew properly.


The blood vessels and nerves inside may become severely infected and full of pus usually located. It can infect the bone surrounding the tooth (periapical abscess). If left untreated, it can also cause swelling of the face, eye or the neck. This can cause severe, Spontaneous pain that - Not in response to eating or drinking


Root canal treatment is generally carried out in three stages, namely

1.       Access preparation /Opening the Root Canal-To access the nerves and the infected tissues:- The tooth is numbed and an opening is made on the top of the tooth. This allows extirpation or removal of the infected pulp. This reduces /eliminates pain and swelling within a period of 24 hours.

2.       Instrumentation and cleaning( Biomechanical Preparation):- Thorough cleaning and disinfection of the root canal with the help of hand held or machine operated instruments like broaches and files.

3.       Obturation/Filling the root canal with inert material:- Once the infections under control the space within the root canals is filled with an inert, non-reactive material called Gutta-Percha and the roots as well at the tooth itself is tightly sealed to prevent leakage and reinfection

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