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MYTH 1 – Milk Teeth are not very important

FACT – Many parents assume baby teeth are not important as they will fall out in some years. This is not true. Neglecting oral health early years can lead to bigger problems later. Baby teeth are essential to provide space for adult teeth, and losing them too early can lead to a need for braces later on due to crooked and crowded teeth. Therefore, you should begin brushing as soon as that first tiny tooth comes in. In fact, it is important to clean your child’s gums even before teeth erupt.


MYTH 2 – Only sugar-rich foods cause cavities.

FACT – Even your child doesn’t consume sugar, he/she can develop dental decay and cavities leading to pain, in absence of proper brushing and lack of hygiene. Sugar-free carbonated drinks, citrus fruits, and starch-laden foods along with sticky foods like chips, cakes, pizzas, and burgers can also damage your teeth by sticking onto the enamel (outermost layer) of the tooth. Make sure your child has an adequate intake of fruits and vegetables rich in fiber that can restore the mineral in your teeth by secreting more saliva. Also, make sure that the child rinses his/her mouth after each meal/snack


MYTH 3 – I should Paediatric Dentist/ Child Dentist only if my child has toothache

FACT – You should get your child for frequent dental visits (6 monthly visits). The first visit should be as soon as a new tooth appears in the mouth


MYTH 4 – Dental care in children should be similar to that in Adults

FACT – A child is not able to brush independently till an older age. The parents should assist a child in brushing till the age of seven. For newborn babies and infants, you should wipe their gums with a clean piece of gauze or washcloth after every feed. To know more, talk to your child’s dentist about how to handle each stage of your child’s mouth.


MYTH 5 – Thumb sucking should be forcibly stopped as soon as observed

FACT – Many children suck their thumb or one or more fingers as an act of self-soothing. This is totally normal for a child till the age of 4. Any efforts to stop it will in fact cause the child to practice it more. If your child continues to suck his thumb beyond the age of 4, you should visit a child dentist (pedodontist) as soon as possible.


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