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Teeth braces help you achieve a beautiful smile. But generally, they are considered tacky and cumbersome because of the long treatment duration. Here are a few tips and hacks that will make life with braces simpler!

Eating with Braces-Do’s and Don’ts


Hard, sticky, and crunchy food can lead to loose wires or /and broken brackets. The following list of foodstuff is best avoided-

·         Raw salads and fruits like Carrots and Apples

·         Chips

·         Corn-on-the-Cob

·         Ice

·         Chaat snacks (like Panipuri)

·         Hard Nuts Walnuts, Almonds, Pistachios

It is best to avoid any sticky, chewy, and sugary foods that can stick to the brackets or wires including candy, soft drinks, and other sugar-laden drinks, cakes, ice cream, and desserts.

Pain and Soreness Relief-

Generally, braces do not cause significant pain but you may experience discomfort especially in the beginning. There may be soreness caused by the movement of teeth or immediately after an appointment for tightening wires. Some simple remedies that you can do at home include:

·         Drinking tea, soups ,or other warm beverages

·         Consumption of cold foods like ice cream or yogurt (This should be done in moderation to maintain overall hygiene)

·         Application of a cold or hot pack as per the doctor’s recommendation

·         Eating soft foods

The pain usually lasts for a day or two-Be patient & keep patience. You can take pain medication but only as per the suggestion of your Orthodontist.

Braces Breakage-

First thing-DO NOT PANIC

If a single or multiple braces attachments break the wires become loose schedule an appointment with your orthodontist at your earliest. Your orthodontist will provide you temporary fix that can prevent permanent and lasting damage. Simply affix a small amount with orthodontic wax that will help you to get rid of sharp edges temporarily. 

Removal of food particles from braces-

It is best to avoid sticky, chewy, and hard food with braces. Yet, if you feel food stuck in your braces you can follow these steps-

·         Swish with water for 60 seconds

·         Use floss as directed by your orthodontist. 

·         After food is removed brush and floss your teeth once again.

·         Your orthodontist will advise you thoroughly about the oral hygiene products that you can use (special orthodontic brush, fluoride mouthwash, floss) and instructions about using them.

Stain-free teeth with braces

Always follow Basic Oral Hygiene practices that include brushing teeth at least twice a day and Using mouthwash

Avoid Food and Drinks that can cause staining like Energy Drinks, Coffee, Tea, Soda, Spices like turmeric, Soy Sauce

Smile Confidently with Braces-

Don’t let braces lower your confidence make your feel ugly. Remember once your braces are removed, you will have the best smile of your life!

Braces and Sports

Playing sports with braces is possible with the help of mouthguards. You can contact your orthodontist to get custom made Orthodontic mouthguards

Get Braces Off Faster

To get your braces removed faster always follow your orthodontist’s instructions. Don’t skip appointments and most importantly, maintain good oral hygiene

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