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       KEEP TRACK OF ORAL HYGIENE - Food particles left behind in the mouth are used as a fodder by bacteria to cause dental cavities. So take care to maintain good oral hygiene.  Use a wet gauze or clean washcloth to wipe your infants gums. Once he/she is older (after eruption of the first tooth) start brushing with a kids brush with rice grain size of toothpaste at least twice in a day.

      BRUSH THE CAVITIES AWAY - A proper brushing technique requires the child’s toothbrush to be placed at an angle of roughly 45degree angulation along the gum line. The teeth should be brushed with brush gently in a circular motion.

      PAY ATTENTION TO THE TUMMY - A healthy gut results in healthy teeth. To keep cavities and decay away make sure that your child’s diet includes all the major food groups & avoid sugary snacks.

      NO BOTTLES IN BED, PLEASE - Bottle feeding at sleep time can lead to a serious form of decay known as Early Childhood caries. Avoid bottes containing milk (including breast milk), milk formulas, fruit juices or sweetened & carbonated drinks especially at bedtime.

      USE OF PREOFFESIONNALY APPLIED SEALANTS AND TOPICAL FLUORIDES - Visit a child dentist (PEDODONTIST) to know about professionally prescribed or applied materials containing fluorides especially if your kid is unable to maintain a good oral hygiene or continues bottle feeding for a long time.

      VISIT A CHILD DENTIST (PEDIATRIC DENTIST) AT REGULAR INTERVALS - To avoid dental decay and prevent serious dental problems in adult life.


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