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What are Dental Sealants?
Dental sealant is a thin coating applied on the teeth mainly on the chewing surfaces to prevent tooth decay. These are applied mostly on the posterior (back) teeth-premolars and molars. They can be applied on the front teeth as well but only is patients with high susceptibility to dental decay and cavities. The liquid coating (sealant) covers the natural irregularities present on human teeth (i.e., pits, depressions and grooves) of the teeth, which prevents food accumulation and development of decay and cavities.

Why Do I Need Sealants?
-Proper brushing and flossing removes food particles, plaque and debris from smooth surfaces of teeth. But they cannot always clean all the nooks and crannies especially on the back teeth to remove the food and plaque. These areas harbour decay causing bacteria for a long time and can be effectively protected by "sealing out" plaque and food with the help of teeth sealants.

Am I eligible for getting Dental Sealants?
- Children and teenagers have a very high probability of developing decay on the irregularities of the premolars and molars and are obvious candidates for sealants. But even adults who have no decay, cavities or fillings on their molar teeth benefit immensely from dental sealants.
- Typically, all children between the ages of 6-14 years should get dental sealants on their permanent teeth including molars and premolars as soon as these teeth erupt in the mouth.
- Dental sealants may be beneficial for baby (milk) teeth in some cases when these teeth have deep depressions and grooves on their chewing surfaces.
- Baby teeth play a very important role in the proper development and eruption of permanent teeth so it is necessary to keep these teeth healthy and free of cavities and decay so they are not lost too early.

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