2023-09-22 11:08:37
Little Moses above looks to be about 4-5 years old, we often are asked by parents of young children 1-5 about seeing the orthodontist to close gaps just like Moses. We actually LOVE to see these wonderful gaps.

Gaps in primary or baby teeth are absolutely normal, they aid in the preparation for future permanent teeth which will be much wider. As your child begins their transition they will need those spaces for the adult teeth to grow side by side. It is also much easier to keep a young child’s teeth clean from trapped food if there are ample spaces between the teeth. Remember how hard it to brush a two year old? Try flossing.

In general our children’s teeth begin to transition from baby to adult teeth from 6 years of age and continue until they are 12. So what do “Braces” or Orthodontics hope to achieve? The goal is a guided balanced bite to help distribute the forces of chewing and stabilize the joints for a lifetime of healthy use, while achieving a beautiful balanced smile. A beautiful smiles benefits are endless socially, professionally and personally. They key here is that orthodontics is for permanent teeth, but the growing aspect of the jaw and joints is during the transition

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