Removable and Fixed Dentures

What is meant by Removable and fixed dentures?



Dentures replace missing teeth and surrounding tissues. Removable dentures, as the name suggests are the ones which can be removed when not needed and fixed are ones which cannot be removed they are fixed in position.

When are dentures advised?

Dentures can be advised in the following cases:

  • After tooth removal(extraction) to replace the missing tooth or teeth
  • After tooth loss due to accident, impact from heavy object.
  • To replace missing teeth lost due to old age.
  • When there is a need for replacement of missing teeth or surrounding structures

What are the different types of dentures?

Dentures can be classified as follows:

Removable partial denture:

It is the one in which teeth are attached to a plastic base mimicking natural gums in color and can even be connected by some metal framework helping to hold denture in place.

Fixed denture:

It is the one which helps to replace one or multiple teeth. Crown is placed on teeth on either side of the missing teeth, thereby attaching artificial teeth to them.

Complete dentures can be further classified as:

What preparation is required before starting making dentures?

The preparation depends on the type of denture advised. Various preparations done before giving dentures to patient include:

  • Thorough medical history along with the history of medications, allergies.
  • Appropriate clinical examination of the area (this includes checking the jaw bone height, condition, surrounding tissue condition, surrounding teeth, etc.).
  • X-rays of the area or the entire mouth depending on the requirement.
  • Extraction if indicated (in case of root remaining).

What steps are followed during the making of dentures?

The various steps that are followed are listed below:

  • Multiple impressions of the jaw will be taken.
  • Models will be created based on the impressions using
  • Final denture will be made
  • Necessary adjustments can be made as per the requirement.

What might you experience in the initial days of denture usage?

  • Feeling odd
  • Loose fit of dentures (which remains till muscles of your cheeks and tongue adjust with it
  • Difficulty while its insertion and removal.
  • Minor irritation
  • Slight soreness
  • Increase in the flow of saliva
  • Discomfort while eating or chewing
  • Pronunciation difficulty for certain words

What are the general instruction post-dentures?

  • Use soft foods preferably food broken in small pieces.
  • Use both sides of your mouth to chew.
  • Avoid hot, sticky or sharp-edged food stuffs.
  • Avoid the use of chewing gums, toothpicks
  • In case of complete dentures use your dentures for 24 hours during the first several days

Dental Implants:


These are the type of fixed dentures. To know more about them read more.