Junk Food and Dental Health

  • In today’s busy world most of us find it easy to depend on fast food or junk food as it is easily available anytime and anywhere.But do we really know if it is good for us?
  • Fast food like pizza, burgers, carbonated drinks lead to excessive weight gain.Not only this, it also spoils your teeth specially if consumed very frequently.


This article attempts to discuss the effects of fast food on your teeth and oral health.


  1. Presence of sugar and salt -The sugar gets leads to the increased dental decay and cavities.
  2. Soda breaks the teeth enamel- Most of us consume the carbonated drinks along with the junk food items. So it leads to dental decay and cavities as well.
  3. Another factor is that fast food is generally sticky in nature and gets retained in the gaps in between the teeth eventually rots there. Thisleads to accumulation of plaque, tartar andfinally dental cavities.
  4. Acidic foods- Fast food is generally very acidic in nature and hence harms the upper layer of the teeth namely enamel and slowly leads to wear and fracture of teeth
  5. Starchy junk food- Many items of fast food like pizzas, pasta, white bread etc, are starchy in nature. They have the property of turning in sugar almost immediately. So, they have a similar impact to that of sugar

Yet, in-spite of all this, It’s hard to quit snacking junk food completely, so what can you do?

  • It’s not necessary to quit snacking on junk food entirely.
  • You can do so slowly by reducing the amount that you have a bit by bit.
  • You can also ask us for dietary modifications for both yourself as well as your kids. We provide dietary counselling also so that your kids and you can prevent yourself harmful effects of these junk foods.

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