Diabetes And Dental Care -Part II (Dental Care in Diabetic Children)

Diabetes is a disorder that affects the body’s ability to process sugar and results in high blood sugar levels, which can cause problems with eyes, nerves, kidneys, heart and other parts of the body.
In today’s modern lifestyle, even children are more prone to developing diabetes at an early age. So it is important to look for these signs in your child too and contact a Pedodontist or a Child dentist to get the necessary care

The first step in getting adequate care for your kid from the child dentist is to give a thorough medical, drug and diet history. If possible, give a copy of the physician’s prescription to the child dentist you visit.

Dental Treatment

The two main aims of dental care of a diabetic child are

  • First, to eliminate and prevent any oral infection which may tend to upset the stability of the sugar balance
  • Second, to try to maintain healthy tissues.

Scheduling of Visits

Early morning appointments are preferred .Make sure your child eats a normal breakfast before the appointment. For certain procedures (eg: conscious sedation) the child dentist ( or Pedodontist) may request the patient to alter his/her diet before the procedure in consultation with the patients physician.

A number of dental conditions have been associated in patients with diabetes in children which include:

 Gum and Periodontal Disease

  • Swollen gums(gingivitis)
  • There appears to be an increased tendency to plaque and tartar deposition
  • If not controlled, there may be loss of bony support and teeth may become loose.
  • Scaling may need to be carried out frequently and must be thorough, though as non-traumatic as possible
  • Make sure your Pedodontist (or Child Dentist) gives you proper instructions for correct tooth – brushing and gum massage.

Salivary Gland Dysfunction

  • Xerostomia or dry mouth due to less salivary secretion
  • Frequent sipping of water, ice chips or use of sugarless gums, saliva substitutes will help your child.
  • Dry mouth increases the chances of dental decay.

Dental Caries

  • Diabetic children have more active dental caries (tooth decay) due to the high glucose levels and dry mouth.
  • These decayed teeth should be filled as soon as observed.

Oral Burning and Taste Alterations

Patients with diabetes have reported increased complaints of burning mouth and altered taste . Good glucose control may control these.

Traumatic Ulcers

Children with diabetes have a higher prevalence of oral ulcers and

Antibiotic Coverage

Children with poorly controlled diabetes are at risk of developing oral complications because of their susceptibility to infection and the child dentist may prescribe supplemental antibiotic therapy.

 Braces treatment and Appliances  

It is absolutely safe to carry out braces treatment in a diabetic child if proper hygiene instructions are followed

Extraction of teeth

  • In a non-vital tooth with evidence of infection, extraction is the only treatment of choice.(Remember is essential to have no source of infection in the body ,especially in diabetic patients)
  • Extraction under local anesthesia usually creates no special problem in diabetic children under good sugar control.

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